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Modere Cellproof Infusion Mask

Modere CellProof Infusion Mask is a perfecting gel that uses OxTM technology to provide effervescent oxygen to your skin, gently waking it up and prepping it for intense botanical extracts including award-winning snow algae and summer snowflake. Each application cleanses and nourishes your skin, promoting moisture and clearly reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. Awaken your skin and rejuvenate your natural glow with CellProof Infusion Mask. Because you are deserving of looking as vivacious as you feel.


Although beauty starts on the inside, there are moments when you need a boost to make your inner beauty shine. With innovative OxTM technology, the Mode Infusion Mask will wake up your skin, preparing it to be nurtured with potent botanical ingredients. OxTM will start working right away, as little bubbles appear on your face, marking the transport of oxygen to your skin. The oxygen bubbles’ clearing and energizing function helps to improve your skin, making it look healthy and beautiful. The botanical extracts can begin their function after the oxygen has been given to the skin. Snow algae (Coenochloris signiensis), an award-winning ingredient, helps to boost your skin’s natural defenses against oxidative stress, maintain moisture levels, and aid in skin renewal. Summer snowflake bulb (Leucojum aestivum) improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of age spots, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. more fruit and herbal extracts will nourish your skin at the same time, restoring its young glow and resilience. For revived, youthful-looking skin, including CellProof Infusion Mask in your regular skin care routine. Because you are deserving of looking as vivacious as you feel.


Biocell Guide