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Modere Lean Fitness Collection Lemon

This groundbreaking collection is designed to help you lose weight, burn more calories, and get the most out of your workouts.


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With the addition of Modere Rush and Recover, our best-selling Lean Body System gets a boost.

Optimize your workout performance and reduce pain to lose fat, burn more calories, and raise your metabolism so you can become fit faster. Don’t just exercise.  Work more efficiently.

  • *Trim combines two pioneering technologies for a first-in-the-world combination of body mass reduction, muscular tone improvement, and skin rejuvenation.
  • *Burn is a potent thermogenic mix with a powerful blend of fat-burning substances to increase your metabolism, lower cravings, and shift your body into fat-burning mode, according to science.
  • *Activate is a monthly -day detox developed to naturally clear impurities and spark your digestive energy, making it the ideal fat-loss supplement.
  • *Moderate Rush pre-workout helps workouts feel easier, allowing you to be more consistent, break through plateaus, and get in shape faster.
  • *After a workout, Modere Recover decreases muscle discomfort, aids recovery, and promotes lean muscle growth, ensuring you get the most out of your exercises.
  • * The Lemon Lean Fitness Collection contains the following items: Lemon Trim, Burn, Activate, Rush and Recover


Biocell Guide