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Modere Logiq Con Cafe Tetrablend

LogiqTM is more intelligent than coffee. If you incorporate it into your morning routine, you will be able to think more clearly, look better, and accomplish more.

We didn’t give up any of the quality coffee experience you know and love; instead, we enhanced it to a whole new level.

Logiq has a delicious flavor that you will enjoy. But TetrablendTM, a customized blend of proven, potent nutrients aimed at whole brain health, is the true secret. It can help you be more, do more, and feel better. Plus, when combined with your favorite Liquid BioCell or Trim product, Logiq includes our award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology, which is known for its excellent skin, hair, nail, and joint benefits. As a result, you will not only feel younger, but you will also appear younger.


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TetraBlendTM Coffee with Modere LogiqTM According to legend, ancient Ethiopian mystics were the first to discover the pleasures of coffee in the th century. By mixing the natural advantages of the finest coffee beans with our own amazing TetraBlend, Modere Logiq ushers in a new generation of this once-exotic elixir a millennium later.

We didn’t change anything about the premium coffee experience you know and love; we just improved it. Our exclusive blend of ancient and mode nootropic substances includes bacopa monnieri, natural caffeine from green tea and coffee, L-theanine, and coffee fruit extract to improve mood, focus, memory, and brain aging.

These vital elements, combined with Liquid BioCell®, make Logiq a genuinely useful supplement that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.


Biocell Guide