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Modere Logiq Essential Collection

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Our groundbreaking Modere Logiq with TetraBlendTM Coffee and keto-friendly Modere Logiq Creamer are part of the Modere LogiqTM line. This product pair provides exceptional cognitive support as well as high-quality brain fuel.

Logiq with TetraBlend Coffee is a combination of strong botanicals and an amino acid that supports four critical aspects of cognitive function: mood, focus, memory, and healthy brain aging*.

Grass-fed butter are added to Logiq Creamer for an optimal brain-boosting experience.

Modere Logiq with TetraBlend and Logiq Creamer deliver a serving of Liquid BioCell when combined. Every evening, use your favorite Liquid BioCell or Trim product to get the full Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology joint and skin benefits.


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According to legend, ancient Ethiopian mystics were the first to discover the benefits of coffee in the the century. By mixing the natural advantages of the finest coffee beans with our own amazing TetraBlend, Modere Logiq ushers in a new generation of this once-exotic elixir a millennium later.

We didn’t change anything about the premium coffee experience you know and love; we just improved it. Our special blend of ancient and mode nootropic substances includes bacopa monnieri, natural caffeine from green tea and coffee, L-theanine, and coffee fruit extract to improve your mood, focus, memory, and brain aging in the morning.

* These vital elements, combined with Liquid BioCell®, make Logiq a genuinely functional supplement that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.


Modere LogiqTM Creamer is a delectable, keto-friendly creamer substitute. It’s more quickly tued into ketones than coconut oil or other MCTs, thanks to a blend of grass-fed butter and C medium-chain triglycerides because not all MCTs are made equal for immediate, high-quality energy to power the brain.

The award-winning Liquid BioCell collagen is also included in the smooth, velvety Logiq Creamer.


Combine LogiqTM Creamer with LogiqTM with TetraBlend Coffee for even more brain-boosting advantages. This tasty pair also contains your daily Liquid BioCell dose for healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. Every evening, follow up with your favorite Liquid BioCell or Trim product to reap the full advantages of Collagen/HA Matrix Technology. *


Biocell Guide