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Modere Coq10

Our bodies naturally produce coenzyme Q, but this production diminishes as we become older. Modere CoQ is a bioavailable CoQ supplement formulated with Cardiol® proprietary blend to promote cellular energy. *


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Coenzyme Q is a vital component of your overall wellness. CoQ is used to generate energy in major organs such as the kidneys, liver, and heart. Unfortunately, as you get older, your body’s ability to produce this nutrient decreases. Modere CoQ is a kind of CoQ. This concentrated mix contains Cardiol® proprietary blend, which includes ubiquinol, a pure, bioavailable source of CoQ, as well as D-limonene from orange peel oil and alpha lipoic acid. These components work together in Modere CoQ to maximize the health benefits of this key coenzyme, leaving you feeling healthy and invigorated.

*Ubiquinol, a pure, advanced, and bioavailable source of CoQ, helps sustain youthful vitality and cellular energy

*Cardiol blend contains ubiquinol, a pure, advanced, and bioavailable source of CoQ. Assists in the generation of energy, cell growth, and maintenance*


Biocell Guide