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Modere Go -Fruit Punch

Modere GO offers a holistic, bio-hacking approach to brain health, combining natural caffeine from green tea with potent support components, including eight brain-boosting nootropics, to help you perform at your best at any time of day. This implies that in addition to a burst of clean energy, you’ll experience increased alertness, attention, and cognitive performance, allowing you to accomplish even more. Why rely on over-the-counter energy products that rely on synthetic caffeine, sugar, and artificial tastes to give you a brief rush before crashing? Make the most of your energy supplement by using Modere GO. Today and every day, cruise through your afternoon, get more done, and be at your best. *


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Life is stressful, and you may need a little assistance to get through a busy afternoon, whether you’re working on a huge project, attending a key meeting, or taking care of business at home. You might be tempted to go for a common energy pill, but they’re packed with synthetic caffeine, artificial tastes, and little else.

Modere GO is distinct. Our breakthrough recipe has support ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and nootropics, all of which have been clinically chosen to help you get more done and perform at your best.

*GO not only gives you clean energy (it has the same natural caffeine as green tea), but it also promotes alertness, focus, and cognitive health. We include cutting-edge nootropics that boost mental performance. Alpha GPC, a precursor of one of the body’s most abundant neurotransmitters, is a nootropic.

*Moderate GO contains a highly bio-available form of caitine, a vital amino acid that helps your body use the energy it has stored, as well as a highly bio-available form of folate that supports brain health.

*However, that’s not all. We chose tried-and-true plant extracts like bacopa, ginkgo, and shatavari because they help with memory, cognitive function, and mental clarity. GO also contains L-theanine, one of the most potent concentration boosters, which enhances alpha waves in the brain for a zen-like state of focus. While other energy supplements may bombard you with low-grade caffeine, which can cause jitters and a crash, Modere GO uses a holistic, bio-hacking approach that includes more vitamins, minerals, and nootropics, all of which work together to support healthy cognitive function and help you achieve peak performance. *


Biocell Guide