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Biocell Collagen – Does it work?

Overview – What is Biocell Collagen?

BioCell Collagen is a nutritional supplement and a branded ingredient. It comprises hydrolyzed collagen type II, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. BioCell Collagen® is a clinically tested dietary component made of naturally-occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid.
BioCell’s unique matrix is not a combination of separate chemicals. 

Clinical studies demonstrate that BioCell Collagen® improves active joints, youthful-looking skin, and healthy connective tissues. Various research studies, including seven human clinical trials, demonstrate the safety, effectiveness, and bioavailability of BioCell Collagen®.

People use BioCell Collagen by mouth for aging skin, exercise-induced joint pain, osteoarthritis, and wrinkled skin. Or people apply BioCell Collagen on the skin for aging skin, dry skin, and wrinkled skin. Consuming Biocell internally or applying topically both can result in better skin and reduce wrinkles.

BioCell Collagen can boost the amounts of collagen in the skin, joints, teeth, hair and nails. Collagen is what gives the skin its strength and suppleness. Ingesting Biocell Collagen improves the health of skin, joints, teeth, hair and nails from the inside out whereas topical creams only improve the outer layer of skin.

BioCell Collagen is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) (Generally Regarded As Safe).
BioCell Collagen is non-GMO and devoid of gluten, soy, shellfish, fish, egg, milk, peanuts and sugar.
BioCell Collagen is manufactured exclusively in the USA and Germany.

Benefits of Biocell Collagen

Uses and Benefits of Biocell Collagen

BioCell Collagen® is clinically proved to:

  1. Improve joint comfort and mobility
  2. Support post-exercise recovery
  3. Improve Skin, Hair, Nails and Teeth

BioCell Collagen® is clinically proved to:

  • Reduce facial fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Reduce face skin dryness/scaling
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Increase skin collagen and hyaluronic acid content

Benefits of Biocell Collagen ®

  • Improves joint mobility & lubrication*
  • Reduces joint discomfort*
  • Promotes healthy cartilage & connective tissue*
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles*
  • Decreases skin dryness*
  • Improves skin’s hydration, firmness & elasticity*
  • Increases skin’s collagen content*
  • Reduces hyaluronidase, the enzyme that can make your skin age*
  • Improves microcirculation in the skin
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, gums & eyes*
  • Great-tasting natural fruit flavor

Does Modere Liquid BioCell Really Work?

Modere Liquid Biocell has been clinically proven to work. There have been numerous research studies about the effectiveness of Biocell Collagen. It was scientifically proven to improve skin, reduce fine lines, improve join mobility and decrease joint pain.

Biocell Collagen Research Studies:

Biocell Collagen – Before and After

Liquid biocell before and after
Liquid biocell before after
Liquid BioCell matrix Review Before After
Collagen and Liquid Biocell - Scientifically Proven to Improve Joint Health and Reverse Aging

The Science Behind Liquid Biocell

Modere has an entire division dedicated to Liquid Biocell Collagen Sciences. There is a ton of scientific research studies surrounding this substance.

Modere says that unlike other collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients on the market, Liquid BioCell Collagen comprises a proprietary mix of naturally occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II (60 %), chondroitin sulfate (20 %), and hyaluronic acid (10 % ).

Modere says their Biocell Collagen is a highly absorbable matrix structure and not a blend. This improves the effectiveness and absorption of Modere Biocell Collagen over other supplement brands.

There is evidence to support the benefits of BioCell, specifically. The research is as follows:

Research presented in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging recruited 26 healthy women over a six-week period. The research concluded “ingestion of BCC [BioCell Collagen] influences aging-associated physiological processes and lowers visual indicators in the face.”

Another research study contained 80 test subjects. In the trial they administered participants Modere Liquid BioCell Collagen for 70 days. 40% of respondents observed an improvement in joint health by 30%.

A 2012 research of 26 women with evident indications of aging indicated that treatment with 1 gram of BioCell for 12 weeks resulted in reduced skin dryness and fewer wrinkles. There was also a considerable rise in the hemoglobin and collagen content of the skin. Modere Liquid BioCell provides 1 gram per day when taken at the suggested dosage of 2 servings per day, which would be the effective dose based on this study for skin health.

Another 2012 study tested the effect of BioCell on symptoms of osteoarthritis, a painful disorder that effects the joints. 80 volunteers got 2 grams of Liquid Bio Cell or a placebo for 70 days. The Liquid BioCell group experienced a significant reduction in pain and better mobility when compared to the placebo.



What is Biocell Collagen


Clinical trials show that Liquid BioCell®
improves joint mobility, helps promote healthy
cartilage and connective tissue, and
promotes joint lubrication.*


Unlike other ingredients, Liquid Biocell offers a patended matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate, and its patented manufacturing process produces an ideal molecular weight that the body can easily absorb. 

Liquid Biocell also mirrors the joint’s natural composition which is why the body can easily absorb it.

Collagen Joint Health


A human bioavailability study demonstrated that within 28 days, daily intake of Liquid Biocell led to a 60- fold increase of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Hyaluronic acid not only helps keep the cartilage that cushions joints strong and flexible but also increase supplies of joint-lubricating synovial fluid.


In an 8-week clinical trial, subjects with joint discomfort experienced improvement in physical activity and with continued use, many experienced significant mobility improvements.



A 10-week trial enrolling subjects at an advanced stage of joint discomfort showed that Liquid Biocell reduced stiffness and soreness as will as improving daily activities.

Collagen and Liquid Biocell - Scientifically Proven to Reverse Aging





Clinical trials show that Liquid Biocell counteracts skin’s natural aging process and photoaging from the inside out.  Trials suggest it may reduce deep wrinkles and lines.  As well as reducing dryness and improving skin’s collagen content. 


For younger looking skin, it’s necessary to replace or rebuild the underlying structure.  Unfortunately getting to this deep layer of skin isn’t a simple matter because the skin’s outer layer purposefully protects that structure.

Creams and lotions can’t reach this deeper layer and all they do is moisturize the top layer.

Research has found the ingesting Liquid Biocell is able to permeate the deep layer of skin that effects the appearance of age in skin.



A human bioavailability study demonstrated that within 28 days, daily intake of Liquid Biocell led to a 60-fold increase of hyaluronic acid in the body, decreasing wrinkles and improving hydration and elasticity.


An in vitro study concluded that Liquid Biocell goes an important step further – by helping to reduce the enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the  body called hyaluronidase, providing long-lasting suppleness to your skin as you age.



In a 12-week human clinical trial, dryness and scaling nearly completely disappeared without the use of any topical moisturizers.


Subjects also experienced a significant increase in the skin’s collagen content and improvement in the skin’s microcirculation and skin tone.


Side Effects of Biocell Collagen

Supplement carrying collagen 2 peptides can cause to certain minor side effects such as gas, bloating nausea, heartburn, diarrhea and constipation, sleepiness, skin responses, headache, and other unpleasant situations.

Besides these negative effects, collagen supplements have been related to hypercalcemia which can result in the production of kidney stones.

Collagen in Liquid Biocell is likewise obtained from Chicken. So if you are someone allergic to chicken and it’s products, simply avoid it for yourself.

Other than that, it contains Collagen from shellfish and eggs. People who are allergic to shellfish and eggs should also avoid this collagen supplement.


Modere established Collagen Sciences™ out of the innovative technology behind Liquid BioCell®, a groundbreaking nutraceutical for healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin.

Backed by many clinical trials, Liquid BioCell® is changing the multi-billion dollar anti-aging business and has been recognized with 7 U.S. and international patents and numerous industry awards.

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